CB750 Engine Top End Teardown & Rebuild

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In this hands-on class, the students will remove, rebuild, and reassemble the top-end of a 1972 CB750 engine over two sessions.

The first day will include top-end disassembly, including head, cylinder, and pistons. Assessments of parts will be made, valves removed from head, parts cleaned, cylinder honed, and any needed parts ordered.

The second day will include reassembly of the top end, installation of valves, cylinder, head, camshaft, timing chain, and valves adjusted.

Note: We are also offering the CB750 Diagnostics class prior to this workshop, and the CB750 Bottom End Rebuild workshop in between these Top End sessions, all together making up a complete CB750 engine rebuild.

CLASS SIZE: 5 students
COST: $275
LENGTH: 2 Sundays

Sunday, August 6th 9am-6pm
Sunday, August 27th 9am-6pm

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