Dave Moss: Thinking of going to a track day?

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Thinking of going to a track day?
Getting off the street is a smart move for speeds that will land you in jail and burden you with other significant associated costs for over a decade. The track offers a private closed road in one direction with no gates or other serious risks and let's you get to know your motorcycle at speed in a safe environment. Many are intimidated about going to the track as the project the word "RACE!" and all that is associated with it.

Dave Moss will take all that fear away by giving you an insight into track days, what they are, why they exist, how to leverage the time their and how to set a plan for the day both in terms of what you need to take with you as well as what your goals should be for each session.

To attend this class you need only be interested in the topic.

COST: $25   A light dinner is included
LENGTH: 2 hours


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