About Moto Guild

This is a different kind of motorcycle shop – it’s a place where anyone can come and work on their motorcycle, since 2011.

We have all the tools you’ll need and the space to do it, for a very reasonable cost. Our shop hours are flexible, we are open late during the week and open Saturday AND Sunday.

There are reservable workstations with lifts and tools available to perform maintenance and repair on your motorcycle.

At your fingertips the possibilities are endless: oil change, carb rebuild, exhaust install, tire change, engine swap, chain replacement – you name it, you can do it here.

For those not comfortable working on their own motorcycle but interested in learning, attend one of our workshops and learn how. Our workshops are hands-on and will teach you to perform the various tasks required to maintain your motorcycle. Students work on their own motorcycles during each workshop, while a mechanic leads the way. We also offer both group and private 1-on-1 help.

Stop by and check us out. You’ll be surrounded by people who share your passion in a space that was created just for you and your motorcycle. We hope to see you soon!

Learn. Fix. Ride.


It all started with a nightmare of working in a cubicle for the rest of our lives….


11.2011 – Moto Shop debuts at the Int. Motorcycle Show in San Mateo

11.2011 – Moto Shop opens to the public in South San Francisco

05.2013 – Moto Shop expands from 4,000 sq.ft. to 6,000 sq.ft.

07.2013 – Moto Shop appears in an episode of the reality TV Series, Let it Ride

04.2014 – Moto Shop moves to San Francisco

06.2015 – Moto Shop changes its name to Moto Guild®

06.2015 – Moto Guild debuts at Moto Blot Chicago

07.2015 – Moto Guild Silicon Valley opens

10.2015 – Moto Guild Chicago opens

03.2016 – Moto Guild San Francisco relocates to Treasure Island San Francisco

05.2016 – Moto Guild Philadelphia opens

11.2016 - Moto Guild turns 5 years old!