Is the Intro to Motorcycle Maintenance Class required before taking other classes.
No. But if you haven't worked with tools, or done any maintenance on your motorcycle it is a great class to start with.


What about liability in the shop?

When you arrive at the shop for the first time you will be asked to sign our Liability Waiver.

Security cameras are placed about recording the happenings in the shop. If you knock over a bike or try and steal something make sure you smile for the cameras. We take theft seriously.


Is there someone around to help?
Yes, there is always someone for basic help. If you need more advanced, or focused help we offer 1-on-1 Help. Read more here.


Can I drop in and start a month pass at anytime?
Yes! No need to make a reservation.


What if I get stuck?
We have mechanics available to work with you 1-on-1 to get the task complete. Simply make an appointment.


What kind of bike can I work on? 
Any kind! Street, Dirt, Pocket, Cruiser, Race, Scooter, Electric ….Anything with two wheels and a motor.


Can I stop by for a tour?
Yes, anytime.


Do you take donations?
Yes! We are always interested in a tool or device that will make Moto Guild better for everyone. You can also lend us a tool to clear up some room in your garage and give it some use, and if you ever need it back of course it’s still yours.


Can I teach a class or seminar?
Sure! Call or email us your idea. We can pay you a percentage of the class fees or you can trade for free station use.


Can I store my bike at the shop while I work on it?
Yes. Read more on our Pricing page.


Whose idea was this?
Wilder and Aleksandra Grippo


Can I share my month pass with my friend, dog, partner, cat?
NOPE. But they are welcome to come with you as long as they are friendly and have had their shots.


Do you stock parts?
We stock basic essentials like necessary fluids; oil and filters, coolant and some miscellaneous items. Check out the list on this page.

We can get the lowest price delivered next day on most other parts also.


Can I copy your website content?