Tire Changer

One of the simplest things to do to save yourself time and money is to change your own tires. To use the Tire Changer you must first attend the Tire Changing Workshop

If you cannot attend one of the workshops you can sign up for 1-on-1 Help. The price is slightly more, but can be more flexible to your schedule.



Use of the No-Mar (manual) Tire Changer is included in the cost of a Workstation.

The fee for use of the K&L (powered) Tire Changer is $60* for the 1st hour (1 hour minimum) and $28.75 for each additional hour, the 1st hour is discounted to $45* (1 hour minimum) if your tires were purchased from Moto Guild. The fee for use of the K&L machine is included in the Unlimited Workstation pass.



– No-Mar Classic Tire Change Machine
– K&L Electric Tire Change Machine
– Tire Balancer
– Wheel weights, black and silver
– Spoke wheel weights
– Used tire disposal $13 ($6 discount for tires purchased from us)
– Tire irons and spoons
– Assortment of accessories to help make tire changing easier



We offer competitive prices on most tire brands and can have them here in 1-2 days.  Click here to order tires



We stock 90 degree valve stems. Replacing the stock valve stems with a 90 degree valve stem makes checking tire pressures simple. Price $10.



We stock tubes for most motorcycles.

*Plus Environmental surcharge