At Moto Guild we think that the best way to learn is hands-on and 90% of our classes are just that. You, working on your own motorcycle, with an instructor guiding the way.

Subjects range from basic to advanced and all steps in between. Each workshop is designed to teach you how to work on your own motorcycle, on a specific task, in a short session. New topics are added all the time but if there is something you want to learn now that is not on this page let us know. We can create a private workshop or lesson.

We do not require previous tool or motorcycle repair knowledge in any of our workshops, except for the advanced Valve Adjustment / Major Service Workshop.

  • WORKSHOPS are no larger than 3 people and average 2-4 hours in length. Students will work on their own motorcycle while a teacher guides the way.

  • CLASSES are larger in size (5-15) and the topic is typically explained using a demo bike.