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Learn how to change the brake pads on your motorcycle. Braking is one of the most important areas of maintenance to know about on a motorcycle. Keeping your brake pads in spec and brake fluid fresh is key. Allowing your brake pads to wear too low can result in hundreds of dollars in repair and be extremely dangerous.

If you don’t know if your motorcycle is ready for new brake pads or fresh fluid stop by the shop and we'll take a look – no appointment necessary. 

Brake Fluid Change Only: $80.50
Front Brake Pads: $109.25
Rear Brake Pads: $109.25
Front & Rear Brake Pads: $172.50

NOTE, the following requires 1-on-1 Help:
Harley Davidson, brake fluid change on BMW R1100/R1150 with ABS brake systems, changing brake lines, working on ABS systems, replacing rotors, or replacing drum brakes.

Brake fluid is included in the cost of the Brake Fluid Change option. Otherwise, the cost of parts is NOT included in the price of workshops.

Moto Guild’s parts pricing is VERY competitive, please purchase from us.

Let us know (in the above “Would you like us to order parts for you?” box) if you would like us to order brake pads for your motorcycle. Delivery of non-stocked items is usually 1 – 2 business days.

LENGTH: 1-4 hours

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